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The POWER of Bloggers!

More and more bloggers are realizing their influence on readers and this influence is in huge demand by Brands and Businesses alike. The question is, "Will Bloggers continue blogging for FREE?"

The answer, "This is determined by the individual bloggers."

More and more Bloggers have made the decision to find representation and get paid for endorsing and writing about a Brand or Business.

When Brands and Businesses want Bloggers to blog only for merchandise the Bloggers are still responsible for paying taxes on that particular product given to them.

It takes a lot of thought, time, and energy to publish a well written post which is why Broadcast Bloggers, an agency for Bloggers, wants to make sure Bloggers are monetized for their work.

Blogging is "conversational marketing" at best and just like any other form of advertising or promoting, bloggers deserve to be monetized.

NOTE: Broadcast Bloggers has made no official statement for a June 1, 2011 launch date. Broadcast Bloggers has been and is officially working with Brands and Businesses along with their Bloggers in exciting marketing campaigns.