Affiliate Compensation

Broadcast Bloggers offers the most exciting and lucrative compensation program ever devised to our valued Affliates! Anyone can become an Affiliate and earn massive residual income just by referring others who enroll as an Affiliate, Business, or Blogger!

Affilates earn money 3 ways:
1. Commissions On Sponsored Affiliates
2. Commissions On Sponsored Businesses
3. Commissions On Sponsored Bloggers

1. Commissions On Sponsored Affiliates

When you sign up as an Affiliate and refer someone else who signs up as Affiliate, you earn 35% of his or her $40 membership fee ($14) instantly! When you sponsor 3 people who become Affiliates, your Affiliate commission is $42 (3 x $14), more than enough to cover your own membership fee!

There is no limit to the number of Affiliates you can personally sponsor, so your income potential is infinite! When your personally-sponsored Affiliates refer others who join, you get paid again! Broadcast Bloggers pays you 10% ($4) for each 2nd level Affiliate membership.

Think of it! You can effortlessly layer your income when you refer others who become Affiliates and those Affiliates do the same! Now THAT'S the power of duplication!

2. Commissions On Sponsored Bloggers

When you refer Bloggers who sign up FREE with Broadcast Bloggers, they can earn money by blogging, and you receive 10% of their earnings forever. For example, when a Blogger earns $100 by blogging about a Business, you (the Affiliate) earn $10 instantly! Bloggers earn money by blogging and receive valuable training on how to monetize their blogs.

3. Commissions On Sponsored Businesses

When you refer Businesses who sign up FREE with Broadcast Bloggers, you earn 10% on all blog jobs posted by those Businesses. For example, when a Business pays $200 to Broadcast Bloggers for Bloggers to blog about their product or service, you (the Affiliate) earn $20 instantly! Businesses pay to have Bloggers blog. When they do, you earn 10% as their Affiliate sponsor.

Qualifications: To qualify for Affiliate commissions you must be enrolled as an Affiliate. It is not requisite for Affiliates to be Bloggers to get paid Affiliate Compensation, nor is it requisit for Bloggers to be Affiliates to get paid for blogging. Bloggers get paid to blog. Businesses get paid when they sell products. Affiliates get paid when a Business pays for a blog job, when an Affiliate pays an Affiliate membership fee, and/or when a Blogger earns a commission.

Blogger Compensation

Anyone can sign up as a Blogger with Broadcast Bloggers and earn huge income by blogging about Businesses and driving new customers to their door!

Bloggers earn money 3 ways:
1. Pay-Per-Blog Commissions
2. Pay-Per-Conversion Commissions
3. BLING! Exciting Trips & Rewards!

1. Pay-Per-Blog Commissions

Bloggers earn up to 100% of the commissionable volume (CV) depending on their page-view qualifications. Bloggers are rated by Businesses, other Bloggers and Affiliates, and by Broadcast Bloggers for the quality and effectiveness of blog posts, and by the total number of daily views by visitors to a particular blog.

Commissions are earned according to your star ranking and daily page views per the following chart:

1 Star Blogger 1 - 30 Views 20% Commission
2 Star Blogger 31 -100 Views 40% Commission
3 Star Blogger 101 - 500 Views 60% Commission
4 Star Blogger 501 - 1,000 Views 80% Commission
5 Star Blogger 1,000 + Views 100% Commission

For example, when you (the Blogger) acheive at least 101 daily views on your blog and maintain a minimum rating of 3 stars, you earn 30% of the CV for that Business.

Broadcast Bloggers uses third party validation services to verify blog performance and traffic. Only registered users of Broadcast Bloggers can rate you as a Blogger.

2. Pay-Per-Conversion Commissions

You earn 100% of the commissionable volume (CV) for each sale (conversion) that occurs as a direct result of mentioning a deal on your blogs. Businesses create deals and assign a commission to that deal which can be earned by Bloggers. When a viewer clicks on a deal you mention on your blog, a deal page is displayed on the Broadcast Blogger website giving the viewer the opportunity to purchase the deal at a discount. When they do, you earn 100% of the CV assigned by the Business.

For example, say you find a great deal on a resort hotel with a CV of $40 on Broadcast Bloggers and mention it on your blog. When your readers click on your link and purchase a coupon certificate, you get paid $40 instantly! Businesses don't pay until a sale occurs, so there's no risk! And you get paid when you help make a sale!

3. BLING! Exciting Trips & Rewards!

In addition to Pay-Per-Blog and Pay-Per-Conversion commissions, you can compete to win exciting rewards and incentives which we affectionately like to call "BLING!" Businesses offer BLING items like exotic vacations, diamond rings, spa and fitness center memberships, movie tickets, and other exciting rewards (just to name a few) and you (the Blogger) can compete to WIN these prizes just by blogging about the business!

Some BLING items are offered on a random drawing basis, other BLING is awarded to Bloggers who drive the most traffic to a particular Business website, or Broadcast Blogger landing page, to Bloggers who generate the most sales (conversions). Check for BLING details on each deal in the Business Center section of your Virtual Office.

Qualifications: To qualify for Blogger compensation you must be enrolled as a Blogger. It is not requisite for Bloggers to be Affiliates to participate in Blogger Compensation.


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