Questions & Answers

What is Broadcast Bloggers?

Broadcast Bloggers is a premier Blogger Agency which brings Businesses and Bloggers together in a powerful new way. We leverage our collective power to influence consumer opinion about brands. We provide exlusive training on how to monetize your blog, provide never-before-seen access to brands, and offer a home business opportunity unlike anything in the world.

Is Broadcast Bloggers for me?

If you are a Business who wants more customers, a Blogger who wants to make money from your blog, or if you want to earn money referring others as an Affiliate, then Broadcast Bloggers is for you. There are 3 ways to engage: 1) Sign up as Business (FREE) and let our Bloggers drive traffic to your door. 2) Sign up as a Blogger (FREE) and earn money blogging about businesses. 3) Sign up as an Affiliate and earn override commission on the Businesses and Bloggers you refer.

How do I earn money?

There are several ways to earn money and other prizes with Broadcast Bloggers, it depends on whether you are a Business, Blogger, or Affiliate. If you sign up as a business, you earn money through increased sales of your products or services. If you sign up as a Blogger, you earn money by blogging. If you sign up as an Affiliate, you earn money by referring others. From cash commissions to exotic vacations and exciting prizes, the possibilities are virtually limitless! For complete details about how to earn money with Broadcast Bloggers, visit our Compensation page.

Can I sign up for more than one account?

Yes. You can enroll as a Business, Blogger, or Affiliate, or you can enroll as any combination of all three. Business and Blogger accounts are FREE, Affiliates pay only $40 per month. When you log into your Virtual Office, you will be presented with a separate dashboard for each type of account: Business Center, Blogger Center, Affiliate Center. You can also add or remove account types under the "Account Information" link by logging into your Virtual Office.

Why become an Affiliate?

Affiliates earn override commissions on the Businesses, Bloggers, and Affiliates they refer forever! Once a Business, Blogger, or Affiliate is tied to you as an Affiliate, you earn lucrative commissions on all future Commissionable Volume (CV). When a Business pays to have Bloggers blog about a product or service, a residual commission is paid instantly to the Affiliate who enrolled that Business. When a Blogger earns a commission for blogging, or purchases a product from Broadcast Bloggers, a residual commission is paid instantly to the Affiliate who enrolled that Blogger. When an Affiliate enrolls with Broadcast Bloggers, a residual commission is paid instantly to the Affiliate who enrolled that Affiliate. Affiliates get paid instantly each and every time one of these transactions occur.

What is a Rebroadcast?

A "Rebroadcast" is a link or post to an original post by one of our Broadcast Bloggers. When a Business hires Broadcast Bloggers to blog, a Blogger posts an entry on his or her blog, website, email, and/or social media sites. The Blogger then copies the URL of that post and pastes it into the BB Virtual Office which tells BB where the post is. Other Bloggers can see the URL and link to it from their blogs for a chance to win BLING! (non-cash incentives)

To rebroadcast an existing blog post: 1) Log into your Virtual Office and click on "Blogger Center." 2) Click on "Rebroadcast Jobs Board", select "All Jobs", and click the [Show Jobs] button. 3) Click on a job in the list and find "Blog Posts that may be Rebroadcast". 4) Click on a URL link in the box to see the original blog post(s). 5) Read the post, link to it on your blog or social media sites. 6) Your new post is a Rebroadcast of the original post. Report the URL of this post in the "Rebroadcast Post URL/Link" box and click the [Submit Rebroadcast Post] button. You will automatically be entered to win the BLING associated with the job! Winners are announced on the official BB Blog.