How To Make Money Blogging

1) Sign up for a FREE Blogger Account.

To make money blogging for Businesses who sign up with Broadcast Bloggers, you must be registered with a FREE Blogger account. To sign up, insert the Sponsor ID of the person who referred you. If the Sponsor ID box already contains a number, leave it in and complete the form with your name, email, and password. Select "Include Business Account (FREE)" if you wish to have a dual Business/Blogger account. Leave it unchecked if you are a Blogger only. If you would like to be an Affiliate and receive Affiliate compensation, select "Include Affiliate Account ($40)". Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the [Sign Up] button.

You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Click on the link to activate your account, or copy and paste it into your web browser and hit the enter key. You will be directed to a confirmation page with your new 7 digit Account ID number, email address (login ID), and password. Record this information for future reference.

2) Log into your Virtual Office.
On the confirmation page, click the "Enter your Virtual Office" link, or log into your virtual office.

3) Go to the Blogger Center
Location: Virtual Office > Blogger Center

After you log into your Virtual Office, click on the Blogger Center link in the menu on the left. The Blogger Center page displays your current and recent Blogging and Rebroadcast Jobs.

4) Search the Blogging Jobs Board.
Location: Virtual Office > Blogger Center > Blogging Jobs Board> [Show Jobs]
Click on the "Blogging Jobs Board" link in the menu on the left, then click the [Show Jobs] button to see available blogging jobs. You can sort by All Jobs, Jobs for My Blog Topics, or narrow your search to one blog topic.

If the Status of the job is "Open", you can reserve the job. Once the job has been reserved by the minimum number of Bloggers requested by the Business and the budget has been met, the job status changes to "Rebroadcast," indicating the job is closed, but may still be rebroadcast. Bloggers who have reserved the job have 72 hours to read the job description, post an acceptable blog entry, and report the URL link to their new post back to Broadcast Bloggers. If a Blogger fails to report the link within 72 hours, the job automatically goes back on the job board and will remain there until another Blogger reserves it.

5) Reserve a Blogging Job.
Location: Virtual Office > Blogger Center > Blogging Jobs Board > Blogging Job Information
Notice the dollar amount posted and the start date. This is the cash value of the job you will be paid if you choose to reserve the job. To reserve a job, click on the job title and go to the job information page. Review the job description, promo or special to blog about, and other details about the job, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click the [Reserve Job] button.

Once you reserve a job, it appears under "My Current & Recent Blogging Jobs" in your Blogger Center. The word "Reserved" (in red) indicates you are ready to complete your Blogging job.

6) Create your Blog Entry.
Location: Your Blog, Twitter, FaceBook, Email, and other Social Media sites
Now you're ready to make a compelling job post. You know your audience, now is the time to DO A GOOD JOB! Post relevant information about the Business, product, or service you've been hired to blog about. Be informed so you can tell their story. Make references to the company website and highlight the Business in a positive way. Be honest! Do not misrepresent anything for any reason. Be 100% transparent, authentic, and truthful. Talk about what you like about the company.
If possible, include photos, illustrations, and video in your post, but most importantly, make a HIGH QUALITY post.

Example of a great blog post:

On your blog or near the post somewhere, be sure to include a link back to Broadcast Bloggers so your viewers and other Bloggers who want to sign up know where to go. Include a banner ad like the one below which you can cut and paste from your "Referral Tools" page. Go to your Virtual Office, click on "Account Information", then "Referral Tools". Here you will find a number of standard web banners (with linking and tracking code) that will refer your viewers to Broadcast Bloggers. Just click the [Select Text] button, copy to your clipboard, and paste into your blog post. When the link is clicked, it will automatically refer your viewers to sign up with Broadcast Bloggers and link them to you. When they sign up, you will see them in your Virtual Office and will earn referral compensation.

7) Submit your Post for Approval.
Once you have made your blog post, you must return to the job in your Virtual Office and report the URL link for approval. Simply copy the URL from your post and paste it into the "Posted Blog URL/Link" box and click the [Submit Button].

8) Get Paid for Your Blog
Once you have submitted your job post for approval, Broadcast Bloggers will review your post within 24 hours (usually sooner). Our agents will click on the link you provided, review your blog post, and either "Approve" it or request a "Revision". Most of our blog posts are very good quality, so we rarely ask you to revise your post. But our goal is to satisfy our Businesses who hired us, so we reserve the right to ask you for small revisions if needed. The moment we appove your blog post, the money you have earned will show up in your eWallet (in green).

9) Withdraw Money from your eWallet!
To receive earnings from your eWallet, you will need a PayPal account. Click on the "Account Information" link in your Virtual Office and click on "Withdraw From eWallet to PayPal" from the menu. Simply complete the form and submit. Allow 24 hours for PayPal to receive your funds.

Broadcast Bloggers is a legitimate way to monetize your blog. Get started now and get connected with Business brands that want to sell more products!

For more information on how to make money with Broadcast Bloggers, visit our Compensation page.