How To Hire Bloggers

1) Sign up for a FREE Business Account.

To hire a Broadcast Blogger to promote your business, you must be registered with a FREE Business account. To sign up, insert the Sponsor ID of the person who referred you. If the Sponsor ID box already contains a number, leave it in and complete the form with your name, email, and password. Select "Include Blogger Account (FREE)" if you wish to have a dual Business/Blogger account. Leave it unchecked if you are a Business only. If you would like to be an Affiliate and receive Affiliate compensation, select "Include Affiliate Account ($40)". Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the [Sign Up] button.

You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Click on the link to activate your account, or copy and paste it into your web browser and hit the enter key. You will be directed to a confirmation page with your new 7 digit Account ID number, email address (login ID), and password. Record this information for future reference.

2) Log into your Virtual Office.
On the confirmation page, click the "Enter your Virtual Office" link, or log into your virtual office.

3) Go to the Business Center
Location: Virtual Office > Business Center

After you log into your Virtual Office, click on the Business Center link in the menu on the left. The Business Center page displays your current blogging jobs. Click on the "Business Information" link in the menu on the left to select the 5 business categories that most closely reflect your business, product, or service so we can better match you with our Bloggers and the types of blogs they maintain.
Click [Save Changes].

4) Create a New Job.
Location: Virtual Office > Business Center > Create/Edit Jobs > [New Job]
Click on the [New Job] button to create a new job for our Bloggers. The information you provide here will show up on the "Blogging Jobs Board" for our bloggers to see and reserve. Enter a description for the job and briefly explain to our Bloggers what you want them to blog about. Insert key words and phrazes for them to include in their blog posts, and provide the general marketing strategy for what you're trying to accomplish. Tell us what makes you different and why consumers should buy your product or service.

It's a good idea to offer a promotion or special offer that can generate excitement on the blogs. Enter any sales promotions, deals, discounts, special offers, or campaigns you want to offer in the "Promo or Special Offer" box. Be sure to select 5 categories of your business, product, or service from the categories list to better match you with our bloggers and the types of blogs they maintain.

Insert your budget in the "Cash for Bloggers" box, then insert the minimum number of Bloggers you want to blog. Enter a BLING item for the Blogger(s) you are hiring. For example, if you are selling widgets, you may want to provide a widget for a Blogger to sample so he or she can write a more informed blog post from personal experience. Enter a Rebroadcaster BLING for other Bloggers who miss out on the opportunity to reserve your job (which pays them cash) so they can Rebroadcast the original post and compete for a chance to win your BLING. This is an important step! You don't want to miss out on this. The better the BLING, the more posts you will get, and the more exposure to your campaign you will receive! Click the [Save Changes] button to finish creating your new job.

5) Review your Job.
Location: Virtual Office > Business Center > Create/Edit Jobs > Blogging Job Information
At this stage, your job is in "editing" mode. It is not live and only you can see it. You can return to this job to review and edit it as many times as you like until it's ready. To get Bloggers to blog about this job you must publish it to the "Blogging Jobs Board."

6) Post your Job to the "Blogging Jobs Board".
Location: Virtual Office > Business Center > Create/Edit Jobs > Blogging Job Information
To hire a Broadcast Blogger you must post your new job to the Blogging Jobs Board so our Bloggers can see it. At the bottom of the job page you are creating/editing, click the [Post Job to Bloggers] button.

You will be prompted to provide your credit card details to pay for the blogging job. Enter your payment information and click [Submit]. The amount you inserted in the "Cash for Bloggers" box is the exact amount your credit card will be charged. At this stage, your job is now paid for and it leaves "editing" mode. The status changes to "open" for Bloggers to reserve and it shows up on the Blogging Jobs Board.

7) Bloggers can now reserve your blogging job. Jobs are issued on a first come, first served basis until your budget is met and the minimum number of Bloggers is reached. Once a job is reserved by a Blogger, he or she has 72 hours to create an acceptable blog post and return the URL of that post to Broadcast Bloggers for review. Bloggers insert the URL of their new post in their Virtual Office. You can see the blog posts that have been reported and approved in your Virtual Office, as well as all Rebroadcasts of the original post(s).

When you hire Broadcast Bloggers, you harness the power to get your message out to thousands of potential customers who are loyal followers and readers of thousands of blogs, emails, twitter, facebook, and other social media sites! Get started with Broadcast Bloggers now and take advantage of the most powerful word-of-mouth advertising on the internet today!

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