Our Mission

To connect Business with Bloggers for the mutual financial benefit of both, and to provide our Affiliates with the most exciting income-producing business opportunity in the world. We empower Businesses with an extraordinary way to reach new customers by featuring products and services via contexual advertising on Affiliate blogs. Conversely, we provide Affiliate Bloggers with unlimited financial opportunities to make money from home by writing about our Affiliate Businesses and the products and services they offer.

Our Vision

We see the dawning of a new era in business. We see blogging as the most powerful, yet untapped force on the internet. We see our Affiliates as brand partners. We see Broadcast Bloggers becoming the most valued Blogger Agency in the world by laying the strategic groundwork to ensure that target audiences “buy into” our Affiliate Businesses' brands.

Our Values

We value uniqueness and individuality within a spirit of collaboration. We appreciate and admire the pursuit of individual interest that benefits the whole. We do not compromise moral or ethical principles—ever. We are committed to understanding and delivering on the expectations of our Business, Blogger, and Affiliate partners.

Our Philosophy

We believe that blogging is about engaging readers in a dialogue, and that every brand has a unique story to tell. "truth-in-blogging" philosophy which permeates our culture in a way that few other companies have been able to duplicate. We help brands authenticate story at every touchpoint.

Our Culture

We seek to instill and support a culture that embraces change and encourages innovation. We inform, enlighten, uplift, elevate, motivate, excite and inspire the human spirit. We do not compell, control, dictate, demand, coerce, manipulate or demean.