Melissa Bastow

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Melissa Bastow is a blogger, business owner, artist and mother of four young children. She began a private blog in early 2007 where she posted numerous photos of her children for extended family members. However, this just wasn’t enough for her and she began writing publicly in 2008 on the aptly titled blog, Because I Really Can’t Get Enough of Myself, where she talks extensively about what she likes best – herself.

Melissa has owned her own free-lance artwork and graphic design company since 2001 and has been known in some (very tiny) circles as an artistic icon. She launched the company Green Jello with Carrots with her mother (who is also an artist) in 2009, where she sells religious clipart, games, handouts, and other printable goodies. She is also the co-founder of the new online magazine, The Barrel of Blogs, which has had excellent growth since it’s launch a few months ago and stars daily in Melissa’s “Daydreams of the Awesome Future” (basically, she has big plans for the magazine).

With her magazine, a handful of blogs, facebook and twitter accounts, and also as a member of the Casual Blogger Network, Melissa really loves the ability to say whatever she wants on multiple platforms, and therefore does it frequently.